Eva Maria Smith 

Hej, hej, I'm Eva, and I LOVE...

  coffee // nordic noir // red wine // Scandinavian design // pine trees // farmers markets //  good vibes // wool blankets // hot baths // open minded people // white blossoms // documentaries // traveling // indian food.


 ignorance // GMO's // really hot weather // greediness // cold coffee & cold bathwater // dishonesty // clutter. 


Bon Iver // Mumford and Sons // Gregory Alan Isakov // Coltrane // Bahamas // Florence and the Machine // Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes // Fleet Foxes // Of Monsters and Men // Ben Howard // Iron & Wine // The Lumineers // Placebo // Many more. 



My Story

I am from a Bavaria, the southern part of Germany, full of wonderful lush forests, mountains, rolling hills. But I followed my heart and married a kind hearted guy with a passion for life named Truman from California and since then we live a traveling life, moving where his job sends us. From Germany, to Seattle, back to Germany, to Texas, and countless countries traveled in between. Not knowing where we will move next year, I'm trying to make our house our home, while keeping in touch with my roots. Our life has been altered and immeasurably enriched by the welcoming of our daughter Smilla Margarete and our son Winter Johann. Together we try to live a creative, happy life, fostering the connections that bring us joy, making life a journey about being and not having. I want to live mindfully, searching out people that inspire me, the ones that help me to do better and to live better stories. And maybe, with a little luck and hard work, I can make a difference too. 

My vision in Photography

My work is simple and it is honest. 

I want to create photographs that are meaningful. To capture honest emotions and true moments. Where are you from? What inspires you? What makes you, YOU? Tell me your story, then let me capture it. I want you to look back on these photographs and FEEL, rather than just SEE.

I find the beauty in between breaths and behind posed smiles.

Above all, I want my work to be one full of heart. 



My writing 

In my home I'm striving to live more mindfully and to find inspiration in the small things. To find "Hygge". Everyday. 

My story is one about slowing down, kind mothering, simple homemaking and embracing nature. No doubt - it is a journey, a learning experience. Together with my family I'm trying to reduce the footprint I have on this earth and to live more ethical.

To welcome the ebb & flow that is ever present- in life, in motherhood, in creativity. 

The journal is a simpler, slower, kinder life blog. 

In my writing on here and in other places I try to find my most honest words to share thoughts and experiences with you.



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, is the only thing that ever has." M. Mead