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November coffee date & a T H A N K   Y O U note to my best friend

November coffee date & a T H A N K Y O U note to my best friend

Do you feel like November is just the dreariest of months? The beautiful golden colors of fall start to disappear into a blanket of grey. Just last week. the trees were filled with colorful leaves; but now I can only see bare branches.

Is the rain out there making you feel melancholy? Well, there is a formula for days like this that guarantees instant happiness. It is quite simple, really: C O F F E E + F R I E N D S H I P.

I've used this brilliant formula again just a few days ago. And the result was a wonderful afternoon, filled with laughter, joy & endless conversation. 

See, for the first 25 years of our lives or so, me and my best friend lived within 30 minutes from each other. Then, I decided to move to a different continent. I wasn't worried back then, wether or not our friendship would last - that, to me was guaranteed. In no way, was I prepared though, for the amount I would miss her in those years, that we lived close to Seattle. I visited, of course. And she visited (something I'll be always grateful for), too. However, that didn't prevent me from feeling lonely at times, or jealous at other times, when I'd hear she's out and about around our hometown with our friends. Now, luckily, we live within 4 hours from each other (for now at least) and I'm trying to make every visit count. These days, we are aware of how precious every afternoon, every breakfast, every dinner, spent together is and we make a conscious effort to see each other as often as we can.

I still want to pinch myself every time, I see her these days. It seems so unreal. Here we are, two new mothers, with their precious baby girls. Ten months in, it still seems like a dream. I mean really, isn't it every girls dream to have a baby roughly around the same time as her best friend and be able to share all these precious moments together? The growing belly, the morning sickness, the birth preparation, the mommy talks, and daddy talks, the first teeth and everything in between? 

Let me inform you, it is just as good as it seems in your imagination! We've always been close. Back in elementary school, through our first crushes, through tons of crazy parties during our college years. I've never felt more connected to my best friend though, now that we are both in this new grand chapter of our lives. 

Of course, that is really nothing one can plan for. You may try! We, however, didn't. When I first announced, that me and Truman were ready to start a family, Hanna was still deeply involved in her studies of architecture; a baby was far from her busy mind. Time passed and we didn't conceive. A few months in, we found out about our infertility issues and it wouldn't be until almost two years later, that we found out our first IVF cycle was a success. They say in life, timing is everything. While our struggle to get pregnant was certainly a difficult time, it also created room for my friend and her then-fiance, now husband to develop wishes for a child of their own. And so, as coincidence, destiny, life (whatever you want to call it) had it, she called me 16 weeks after my positive pregnancy test, to share her own good news. 

So now, we are doing the joint-mothering thing - and it has been the best. The plan is, that little Smilla and little Elsa become very good friends. However, jokingly we already envision those times were they'll snitch on each other, beat each other up, and possibly straight up hate each other. In time, and with a bit of luck, they will develop a great friendship though - just like their mothers. After all, they are both being raised quite similar, with the same moral concepts and the same worldview. 

Albeit, we should count our blessings ever day, I feel particularly emotional and grateful about our friendship now. It is Thanksgiving week, after all. 

So, before I share the beautiful captures from our coffee date, I want to thank my best friend for all that she is. 

Thank you for always being there, when time, boys, school or other things have made me embark on my own journey. You always welcomed me back with open arms.

Thank you for being my mirror and telling me when I'm not so right; or when I'm totally wrong. For your honesty. 

Thank you for patiently listening to all my lives petty problems. 

Thank you for always listening to my actual problems. 

Thank you for making me feel at home in your home. "Mi casa es tu casa" was never truer.

Thank you for never saying "I told you so". Even though, you told me so. 

Thank you for all the giggles and laughter.

Thank your for being not only my friend, but my therapist, my interior designer, my shopping assistant, my stylist, my make-up artist and countless other things over the years.

Thank you that I can talk to you about everything. Nothing is to intimate, crazy, or embarrassing to talk to you about.

Thank you for just being, well, you. 

Coffee date at home is the perfect way to spend a rainy winter's day www.houseofsmilla.com/blog
Raindrops on my window. November is a dreary month. www.houseofsmilla.com/blog
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Every mother needs a coffee break. Coffee date at home is the perfect way to spend a rainy winter's day www.houseofsmilla.com/blog mama blog & lifestyle photography
Coffee date at home is the perfect way to spend a rainy winter's day www.houseofsmilla.com/blog
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coffee and best friends. Coffee date at home is the perfect way to spend a rainy winter's day www.houseofsmilla.com/blog
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best friends for life and staying warm in cozy felt slippers. A Coffee date at home is the perfect way to spend a rainy winter's day www.houseofsmilla.com/blog


I hope sharing this November coffee date was beautiful for you and filled your day with a little light. Surely, you have a best friend, too. Take a moment to say thank you today! Even if it's just a whisper to yourself. I'd love to hear about your special friendships, your formulas to cure the winter blues, and stories about other people your are grateful for this week below in the comment section. 

For more daily musings & cute baby pictures follow me on instagram @houseofsmilla; or even check out my best friend's lovely feed @einfachhanna. 

Have a happy & grateful THANKSGIVING WEEK & don't overeat!






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