New Year's resolutions & "another chance to get it right"


As each year comes to an end, do you find yourself having all kinds of great expectations and good intentions for the new year ahead? Wonderful, so do I. 

Do you find yourself tossing some of these goals out the window by - let's say January 10th? That's ok, sometimes so do I.

However, while other people might say it is not worth making New Year's resolutions in the first place, I completely disagree and say - get a notebook and pen out right now. Make yourself some tea, or pour yourself some wine, or get some chocolates (hell, do all of that if you are feeling frisky!) and scribble down all you have planned for the months ahead. Write down what you wish for, what you want to do do better and also, the things you'd like to avoid. 

Every successful store takes stock of their warehouse, every good housewife does an inventory of the pantry every now and then. That's really what New Year's resolutions are: taking inventory of your life. Tossing out what's old and broken and making changes for the better. Always self-improving, always looking for ways to gain personal happiness. 

Personally, I love to take the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve to look closely at the past year. To come to peace with the things that haven't gone so well and to feel deep, inner gratitude for the things that worked out! I'm not bitter about the resolutions I didn't keep. I aim high and sometimes I don't get there. That is fine. What is important to me is that I try, that I never loose the good intentions and the hope that I can better things for myself and my loved ones. 

For 2016 I plan on improving my physical health again, strengthening up after having a baby and focus on a healthier plant-based diet once again. "Do more yoga" ends up on my list each year as well. I want to slow down life and take time for lots of play with Smilla. Besides from having a great family life, I want to put a lot of emphasis on my relationship with my husband. Having a new baby, takes some focus away from the "dating" aspect of a marriage, and it is important to not loose track. I have big plans for my blog and my photography business. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up consistent posts on here, work with some amazing photography clients and lift up my creative life to a new level. Experimenting with and sharing about essential oils even more might be in my future, as well as photography workshops and hopefully even some publications. With all those big plans though, I do not want to loose sight of a good work-life balance. That, my friends, will be a huge task of its own. 

I say, have some amazing goals for next year. Work hard to achieve them. Don't stress out if you don't. Really, the last thing you need is to add pressure to an already fast life. To put in the words of my favorite - Elizabeth Gilbert - "take it seriously. But please, don't take it so seriously.". 

Truman and I sit down around this time each year and we bring out our "wishing jar". An old mason jar filled with the wishes we had for ourselves, but also of others last year. We go through them one by one and talk over which wishes have come true, which ones haven't. It is ok to feel sadness for dreams that didn't fulfill themselves, or disappointment for events we couldn't avoid. Then, I take all the light and love and hope that I can find within myself and write down my new wishes for myself and for family and friends and put them in the jar. We lock it up. Leave it alone. Let life work itself out. Every now and then, as I walk by the jar throughout the year I glance over at it, always feeling deep trust that everything will be alright. 

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
— Oprah


Believe me, it is amazing how many wishes do come true each year! 

ps: I just made myself a cup of fresh tea. The quote on my tea bag reads "only remember the blessed moments of your life". Fitting, isn't it.