Smilla: month one

One month went by in the blink of an eye and our darling girl is already 5 weeks old. I'm trying very hard to find the right words to describe how the last few weeks have been, but so much happiness and amazement is hard to put in words. We have had those rough moments of course, when she cried and we were not sure exactly why, or when I'm up for the third time in the middle of the night breastfeeding and she just looks at me with wide blue eyes instead of snoozing back off into the land of sweet baby dreams. All is forgotten, however, when I look down at this angel with the fuzzy hair.

In month one Smilla mostly enjoyed skin to skin time, sleeping on Daddy's chest, bath time in the big tub with Mama and Daddy, as well as going on walks in her stroller. You can tell she is my girl, as her first trip to the mall was a breeze. She has also been breaking her father's heart already, by growing out of her first clothes so fast. In the past few days she has really started to notice her sorroundings, turning her head towards our voices and curiously taking everything in.  

This is what I have learned in month one:

Nothing has prepared me for the amount of love that I have been feeling ever since her arrival. All of a sudden everything else seems trivial. Nothing is sexier than your man holding your daughter, covered in spit, but with the biggest smile on his face. Loving your post-pregnancy body is a process, but I'm gettng there. Those little socks never stay on her feet - ever! Don't give up breastfeeding over some pain and sore nipples - with some help you will master it and then it is the most wonderful thing. I swear, this little human carries the wisdom of the world in her eyes.