Smilla: month two


Another month has passed getting to know our daughter and it was wonderful yet again. It was a month of exploration and adventures for out little girl. Some of her adventures include: first dinner out at a restaurant, first Valentine's day full of love, first time meeting Grandmama & Grandpapa from America, first time staying at a hotel, first trip to the Alps. However, even more exciting for us were the little firsts she had on a daily basis, like realizing that she has a right hand, then realizing she has a left hand and that both hands can be sucked on. 

In month two Smilla mostly enjoyed being carried, sung to and loved on by all four grandparents, as well as her aunts and cousins; relaxing during baby massage; looking at the animals in her play pen; being read to; dancing to the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes record and melting hearts with her first intentional smiles!

This is what I have learned in month two:

No matter how tired I am at 3 a.m., as soon as she gifts me with a smile, my night has just become perfect. It is frustrating that all photography projects and things around the house get delayed -  until you start thinking about how fast she will grow up and that there is no better moment than right now to cuddle and play! Meeting up with my Mommy friends and their littles is a wonderful distraction. I don't nearly know as many lyrics to children's songs as I had thought. Also, my singing voice is pretty bad. Spring fashion becomes tricky when you plan around baby wraps and nursing tanks. Enjoying a glass of wine with my husband on the couch, petting Lars, while looking at our sleeping daughter has become the most exciting way to spend a Saturday night since I don't know when...