Smilla: month three


One quarter of her first year has already passed. Unbelievable, and yet, I enjoyed every day with her to the fullest. Month three was the month of smiles. While she had started to smile a few weeks prior, it was not until last month that she really gave her smiles away like little presents: each more special than the one before. 

Smilla is a name invented by the Danish author Peter Høeg. It is the name of the main character in his novel Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne (1992; English: Smilla's sense of snow). Here is a quote from the book where he describes the origin of the name: 

..., and because his little daughter had smiled to him (Danish smile, pron. Smee-Leh, = ‘to smile’), they changed the name to Smillaaraq. The short form of that is Smilla.

Immediately we liked the sound, uniquness and simplicity of the name Smilla. However, it was not until she started smiling at me all the time that I really started appreciating the origin of it.  

In month three Smilla took note of puppy Lars around her and giggled or cried at him, depending on her mood; she discovered a whole new range of tones her voice can produce; she also discovered her hands(!) - nothing ever tasted better; she started wearing her amber necklace; she rolled from her back onto her belly for the first time and enjoyed more traveling.

This is what I've learned in month three

Mama can have a successful art show, as baby snuggles in the wrap on Papa's chest - who said you can't have it all? My kitchen is for dancing. Don't leave the house without a spare outfit for baby in the diaper bag - parenting is as messy as they say. I consider organic, crochet covered, cherry wood nursing necklaces the latest trend in jewelry. Plant food keeps me going all day - well, and coffee of course. Wildlife docoumentaries, where innocent Humpbacks get hunted by mean-spirited Orcas ain't for the faint heart of a new mother. And just in general, every emotion I feel, I feel deeper than ever. I finally understand every other mother, including my own.