New Mom

Good morning to all mothers out there!

Happy Mother's Day. 

When I was little and I asked my Mama what she wanted for Mother's Day she would say things like "I already have the best gift ", or "just you and your sister dear" and I thought to myself "what is wrong with this woman! If only someone asked me I would wish for a thousand Barbie dolls or a vacation in Italy". This is my first Mother's Day and now I know. I woke up this morning with the certainty, that I have in fact already been gifted with the most wonderful present there is. On top of that, Smilla slept for 5 straight hours last night, which was another special treat for Mother's Day. 

A few years back, maybe even a decade or so, I frowned upon my older sisters slightly "alternative" parenting and thought "when I become a Mama, my baby will always be the hippest child on the block". Now I am a mother and I do think Smilla is pretty hip - however, she is also raised slightly "alternative". I have become my sister in so many ways.  And I got to thinking. What does that even mean? "Alternative" by nature, is different from others. But I don't feel different. As a matter of fact, most of my Mama friends around me are just like me and ask themselves the same questions, try to do the same things right, make similar choices. So how about this: I am not just a new Mom - but I am really one of many "new Moms" out there. raise a generation of children, that is kind and conscious and open-minded and brave...that is my wish for all of us this Mother’s Day.

The "new Moms"; the new generation of mothers, that are buying Birkenstocks again, making them the new trend this summer. The mothers, that choose organic healthy foods over GMO, corn-syrup loaded sweets | baking soda over harsh chemical cleaners | amber necklaces and violet roots for teething | second hand clothing and conscious brands....To the mothers, that believe co-sleeping will make their babies more confident..Here's to the mothers, that attempt breastfeeding, because they think it is the healthiest, most natural choice | and if they are lucky and succeed with breastfeeding, they proudly do it in public...And to the ones, that struggle with breastfeeding and finally give in, but then look for the best alternative out there...To the mothers that are confident in their secularity, and to the ones that are open-minded with their faith...To the mothers, that baby wear | To the ones, that try every day to reduce their footprint in one way or the other.... 

Here's to that wonderful "new" generation of mothers, that pick up all the things that have worked beautifully in the past and make it their own. Whether it is one, or more things mentioned above, or even something, that I forgot to mention. Hopefully, me and all these other "new Mamas" out there, will achieve to raise a generation of children, that are kind and conscious and open-minded and brave. 

That is my wish for all of us this Mother's Day. Now go on and snuggle with that little one...