A tinier life. How the "tiny house movement" inspired us to live more minimalistic & conscious

Minimalist living tiny house movement
tiny house movement
tiny house movement

Recently, me and my husband watched the Netflix documentary "Tiny". It is about a young man who buys himself a plot of land in the gorgeous mountains close to Boulder, CO and decides to live on it in a tiny house on wheels. 

We were immediately intrigued about the idea and had to find out more. So I ordered the book " "Tiny House Living" by R. Mitchell. The tiny house movement describes more and more people choosing to live small in order to live big! The difference from your average trailer park is, that these houses are beautifully & functionally designed and the owners make a conscious choice to live a tiny lifestyle. "The tiny house lifestyle is one of financial independence, freedom and ecological responsibility (these houses tread lightly on the earth). For these reasons and many more, people are leaving their McMansions behind and taking up residence in a tiny home...". 

Personally, I have always been a big advocate of de-cluttering our living space. But after watching the documentary and reading the book Truman and I felt inspired to make even bigger changes.

For a moment we thought tiny house living is what we need to do in our next duty station. But after a few days, we are not so sure if living on 200 square feet is such a good idea for our family;  particularly because we don't even know where we will live next, which zoning laws will apply, where we could put our tiny house, or when we would have time to build it with us usually moving on a whim.  

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful
— W. Morris

But I agree with what the book says:  "whether you downsize to a 400-square-foot home or simply scale back the amount of stuff you have in your current home, you'll learn to live well with less, which is  freeing idea.".  Just yesterday I went through old boxes in my office, getting rid of ton of old paper trail, office supplies, I haven't used in ages and other things and I felt like going through all this "stuff" feels very suffocating to me lately. When we moved from Seattle over to Germany we lived out of 4 suitcases for several months. The day the moving trucks pulled in, unloading boxes and boxes of household goods into our driveway, we felt completely overwhelmed. We had not missed these things! It took us days to unpack and find a place for every item and we used the sentence "why did I even ship this" several times. 

It's amazing with how little we can happily live and how fast we forget about the things we think we need.

So that is why in the future you will see plenty of blog entries under the new category "tinier | minimalist life". Follow us on the road to live more with less. 

You might wonder what changes we have in mind:

Continue to eat mostly plant-based, organic foods | put more emphasis on seasonal foods | keep recycling, but emphasize on producing less trash to begin with | build a seasonal, minimalist wardrobe with high quality items that last and impress for a longer time | buy clothing from conscious brands, produced locally or in the United States, or from small shops (like etsy) | Stop buying things we really don't need for the pure joy of consumerism | buy used when we can (books, children toys, etc) | minimize Smilla's toys and emphasize on creative play and so on....the options are really endless. 

Will this be easily achieved? I don't think so. In a world where most of our " wants" are quickly considered "needs" it will be hard to downsize. However, we are motivated and excited to see what comes off it.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

If you are already living a minimalist life please share you experiences or get in touch with me! Also leave me a comment if you have questions about living tinier, or even if you think we are absolutely loosing our minds!