Smilla: month 12

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It's here. The update on the last month of Smilla's first year. What a crazy ride it has been.

In month twelve Smilla has really been experimenting with her emotions. She shows her joy. Loud giggles and laughter fill our home and it is the most wonderful sound. Unfortunately, the sounds of her getting frustrated, impatient or angry are less desirable. Her new facial expressions range from "I'm the most innocent child in the world" to "I will wreck your existence if you don't obey mother". I don't think she does this things fully intentional yet, but she is definitely watching our reactions. I have a sneaking suspicion that she might be just as determined as her father, as impatient as her mother and as stubborn as her, well, me again. With excitement and a tad bit of fear I'm looking forward to the years ahead. There is a good portion of spunk in Smilla and her eyes sometimes sparkle with a bit of mischief. My temper may have found its match. One thing is for sure, she is not a baby anymore. Everything about her now is all "toddler". 

Smilla now makes the cutest kissing sounds and she'll keep doing it for an admiring crowd. Although she is not walking yet, she is trying to stand more and more by herself for longer stretches. She's marked the kitchen her territory and spends hours opening the drawers and cabinets to see what she can find. Our days are filled with the loud sounds of pots hitting the kitchen tiles, Lars barking with fear, Smilla laughing with joy. Oh and of course the sounds of her xylophone playing! 

What I've learned in month 12

January comes right after December - seriously if this child ever wants to have a proper birthday party, I better start planning that right before the craziness of the Holidays begins. Time, it's a fickle thing. Enjoy the date night - she's fine(!) - she can spend half a night deeply asleep under her grandmother's watch. Thoughts of a second child can both be absolutely terrifying and beautifully appealing. 

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One year of monthly updates have passed and I'm not quite sure how to continue. As the learning curve slows down a little bit, I wonder if I should just do a random occasional update, or maybe a just one quick photo per week (a project 52 so to speak)? What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below, along with anything else you would like to share.