Mom hair.

Is there a perfect mom hair style? Yes! Beautiful red lob. Long bob with bayalage and bangs on
Is there a perfect mom hair style? Yes! Beautiful red lob. Long bob with bayalage and bangs on
Is there a perfect mom hair style? Yes! Beautiful red lob. Long bob with bayalage and bangs on
Is there a perfect mom hair style? Yes! Beautiful red lob. Long bob with bayalage and bangs on

Hair and motherhood, is like a very bad relationship. In the early stages, during pregnancy, everything is all rosy and wonderful. Your hair typically gets thicker, shinier, less greasy (at least for me) and overall more healthy looking. Then, after birth, and then again, after breastfeeding comes to an end, everything goes downhill.

Your hair starts falling out to the point you think you will go completely bald. Some mothers experience constant greasy looking hair, even right after washing. Others have hair as dry as straw. If you are completely out of luck you will go through all of the above in different stages. Not to mention, the baby spitting up in your hair, or your baby pulling on your hair. And if all of this wasn't bad enough, you will have absolutely no time for any maintenance. As a new mom you are lucky you get to take a shower. On a very fine day,  you may even find time to blow dry. 

For about a year now, I have been looking for the perfect hair cut, that makes me look like the mother that I think I am. Kind, loving, involved, interesting, creative and at times, a little bit messy. On top of that, my ultimate mom hair cut comes with very little upkeep, as I realistically will only make it to the salon every 3 months or so (other than a quick bang trim). Also, it would be nice, if I could just air dry after washing and style within a few minutes every morning. It can't be too short, as I want to be able to just throw it in a messy bun, when life gets too wild. 

This week I went to the salon once again, in the hopes of returning with the perfect mom hair style. 

So first things first - I absolutely, 100 % adore my new do!

I went with a slightly slanted "lob" (oh hello, Kati! That's my hairstylist and she hates that term!), a long bob. I also had my bangs cut again, after attempting to grow them out. We retouched my roots and I opted for some beautiful bayalage to give me a bit of an ombre look. Despite my initial protesting, she also added a few layers to make my hair look fuller. What can I say, it does look fuller. Since I was already there, we also did a deep nourishing treatment to help with my dry hair. Why not. 

So, what's the verdict you ask? Is it the perfect mom cut?

Well, it makes me feel amazing. Five stars on looks & feels. After my first wash I can also confirm, that I don't need to blow dry all the way, but can still wake up with pretty amazing hair. Since I am completely incapable of any decent styling job, I love that I can just make a few curls with my GHD iron (I've been using this for years and will never go with anything else), fluff them and be out the door. I quickly tested a ponytail today and yes, that also works and looks cute. 

Bangs however, are never easy to maintain. They need constant tender loving care. When I wake up in the morning they are usually pointing straight up. Also, they get greasy much faster than the rest of my hair. I know this. And yet, because I have this really large forehead, I keep going back to bangs, as it just suits me so well. Every two weeks they also need to be trimmed, which can be quite frustrating. 

I guess over time, I'll find out if this is the perfect mom cut for me. All I know is, that is the perfect cut & color for me, right now. 

What are your after-baby hair experiences? Do you sometimes feel like screaming at the mirror? Or have you found the perfect mom cut for yourself already? Please share your story in the comments below. I would love to hear! 

And on a side note. I had made my hair appointment weeks in advance. I finally found a babysitter I trust and had made arrangements with her ahead of time. The day of, a snow storm hit. Completely and utterly unexpected. My babysitter could not get out of her driveway. My husband was still at work. Luckily my neighbor and friend could jump in last minute. As I made my way through the city I got stuck in a gigantic traffic jam. The last 5 blocks took me over 20 minutes. I tried to call the salon to tell them that I might be running late, as I hate being rude. That day out of all days, my phone would dial, but when the salon picked up I could not hear a single word. The speaker was just completely dead. I found sideways city parking immediately, but it took me a moment to get the ice off the meter, so I could throw my coins in. When I finally arrived, 5 minutes late, I was anything but relaxed (everyone who knows me personally knows what a punctuality freak I am). What's the moral of the story? Find a salon that serves free mimosas, or at least some very strong coffee. I'm a very lucky girl. My salon serves both.