Pregnancy update: week 17


I'm finally past the horrible weeks of nausea and fatigue and due to rising energy levels, I (some days) even stay up through Smilla's nap time to do exciting things like, well, laundry. However, then I usually have to hold my head with both hands during dinner to avoid it from sinking into my bowl of soup.

This week though, I was particularly ambitious and even took a few selfies. Nothing is sadder, than the realization at the end of your pregnancy, that you have not captured the growth of your tiny miracle enough! I'm a huge advocate for proper maternity photography. I am currently saving up myself to afford my wonderful birth videographer. However, for the day to day, I capture my pregnancy via iphone, tripod or with the help of my loving husband. I encourage you to do so as well. Those memories, don't always have to be the sharpest, most creative images. It is just such a wonderful time to look back on.

I also just had my maternity photos from my first pregnancy printed into a wonderful album. Now, I only need to finish up the birth & newborn album, Smilla's first year and one with all our trips from the past year. You see, I'm behind with that sort of stuff, just like any other mama. Maybe the universe sent me this baby though, so that I would finally hop to it and finish organizing my photographs from pregnancy number one! 

As you can see - the belly is growing. It also feels much heavier already, than at the same week carrying Smilla. I hear that's normal though and due to constantly running after a toddler.

I don't have any particular cravings at this point, but I will admit to drinking too much of my late grandma Margarete's black tea with lemon and (too much) sugar. 

Oh, and the nursery is all ready! Well, in my head anyways. With a little help from Pinterest and a sketch pad, I have designed it pretty much. Sometime in the next few months, I will have to put it together. We plan on putting both babies in one room (I still refer to Smilla as baby). I will keep you updated on that and maybe write more about why we have decided to do so.