thank you!

Since you have received the link to my little client guide you must have booked your session! I'm so thankful to be working with you. 

I believe it is so valuable to have beautiful family photos. They are a lifelong reminder of the love and togetherness you share with the ones you have written on your heart. 

Please know that you can contact me with any questions you may have! As a mother of two little ones, I don't always get to my phone, but I will take the time to get back to at my earliest convenience. 

Now let's have some fun together. 


What to wear

This is probably the most asked question. 

You have booked your session, but now realize you have no idea what to wear. Don't worry! Here are some suggestions to make your photos simply beautiful. 

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin. Mama, most likely it is you that holds this family together and most likely it is you, that is never in any photos. Chances are, it is also you that contacted me to book your session. So take this as an opportunity to dress the way you feel best and then build everyone elses wardrobe around yours. 


Textures (!) such as linen, cotton, silk, lace, wool (oh how I love wool), or denim // showing personal style // staying in season // having the whole family dressed for the same (!) season // a beautiful color palette of three to five complementary colors // neutrals, muted colors and pastels // or if thats not you, then some pretty brights mixed in // patterns such as stripes, dots, small florals, or plaid (just don't run wild with this) // bare feet (especially for in-home sessions) // leather sandals or boots // layers // a beautiful kimono or statement maxi dress / / accessories like hats, scarves, throws, etc (again, a great way to add texture!)



Dirty shoes // athletic wear // too much bright red, pink, green, blue and black // neons // big logos and brand names // too dressy // too matchy matchy 



Babies are so beautiful. In fact, the more simple your baby is dressed the better the tiny details will be brought to life in the photographs. I suggest soft solids and simple styles. Onesies, diapers or even naked. Large, pretty gauze swaddles (such a good way to add color or patterns) and meaningful blankets (again, bring on the wool!) will make them look oh so cuddly. You probably want the little feet showing. simple hats are lovely, too. 



I understand that small children have a mind of their own. However, you will be looking at these photographs for years to come. If anything try to strike a compromise and tell them they can change into "their outfit choice" for a few pictures at the end of the session. Otherwise try to leave the super heroes and princess Elsa's at home. Muted COLORS and fun, childlike prints work great, so do layers. Make sure that the shoes you choose won't distract the eye. 



While there is no need for you to go out and buy something new, a lot of my clients get excited about shopping for an outfit anyways. Here is a list of some sustainably made fashion from small shops and conscious maker around the world, that I had the privilege to work with, or that I value for my own wardrobe. 

Miann & CO // Jamie Kay // Beton // Linenfox // Kinndproject // Fox and Horn // Millk // Spell & the Gypsy collective // The Bee & the Fox // Numero 74 (great mommy & me) // Chasing Windmills // Dwell and Slumber (great for postpartum!) // Salt Water Sandles // ... and so many more! Also, Zara and H&M (although not quite as sustainable have great options). 

Clients have contacted me from dressing rooms, or have frantically sent me photos the night before the session, because they had a change of heart about their choices. I'm here for you! Don't worry, we will figure it out and you will look wonderful. 


How to prepare your home

Please don't shy away from an in-home session, because you find the thought of cleaning your entire house a few days after you had a baby too daunting. It is all about balance! The home is the heart of the family and you will not regret having your babies and "your nest" photographed. 

Before our session I will talk to you about light and where and when your house gets the most beautiful light.  Typically, I photograph the master bedroom, the kids room and the main living area. Once I arrive, I will turn off all electric light sources and see where the best natural light is.

I almost always end up taking photos on the master bed, so I'd like for you to clear off the nightstands and put on a nice bedspread. If you are in doubt, go with neutrals. flowers are a nice touch, too. 

Please de-clutter the main areas, however, I dont care if you just hide everything in the spare bedroom for the time being. Whatever is easiest for you. Leave out the things that make up your everyday and fill your home with heart. Favorite toys and books, favorite blankets, favorite coffee mugs etc. anything you want to remember in your pictures. 

You can approach me with any questions you have regarding preparing your home for our session. 


sesson times

I schedule my in-home sessions typically in the mornings around 10am or in the afternoon around 2pm. However, I'm flexible and want to photograph your kids when they are at their most happy time of day. Outdoor sessions largely depend on the season and the sun. Most likely we will shoot an hour or two after sunrise or an hour before sunset. 

While I value a client that is prepared and on time, I don't put a strict time-limit on my sessions. I think this laid back approach (especially with young children and newborns) makes for a better atmosphere and relaxed environment. I try to work as efficiently as possible, but I come with the time and patience needed to walk away with beautiful photographs. Every time. 


let the kids

As a mother of toddlers myself I know how daunting it can seem to prepare them for a full photography session. However, my approach is very laid back and natural. I let the kids be kids. They can run, play, jump, cuddle.

They are allowed to have a meltdown, too. I will take a quick photograph (I love a good frowny face or an ugly cry - great memories!). Then we can take time, to make it better.

Whatever happens, just stay relaxed. It's not a big deal. No need to get stressed out, feel embarrassed, or worse - make the kids feel bad. It's all part of it. 

During the session I engage with the kids, but will give you some instructions on what to do with them as well. 

A few pieces of advice: try to get them to bed on time the night before the shoot // give them a meal or a snack before the session // don't schedule a vaccine appointment a day or two prior to our session // if you want to talk about the upcoming session with your kids, make sure you talk about it in a relaxed and happy way // don't make them say "Cheese" - we are aiming for natural smiles // let's keep the sweet treats away during the session (bribed with candy, they may go wild in anticipation, or wild on sugar!)


the session

After my arrival, I usually ease into the session by preparing my gear, look for good light and chat a little bit. We talk a bit about life and a bit about which photographs we'd like to get today. 

Then I start clicking away, often following the kids around. I will give you some direction, such as positioning you in good light, asking you to look at each other, to cuddle, etc. but I make sure that there is enough space for connections to happen naturally. 

I shoot with prime lenses (meaning, no zoom), so don't be surprised if I get "all up in your face" - I won't take a close-up of your nostrils I promise. Also, I will move things around if needed, and sometimes I have to get up on furniture to get the best shot. 

During newborn sessions I allow for a lot of time to calm and/or feed the little one. I speak more quietly and try to be as little as disturbance to this new life as I can. 


After the session

Expect to receive your online gallery with all edits a few weeks after the session (typically one to two, no longer than three weeks later). You can share the gallery on social media, download the images included in your collection and make additional purchases. 

Often I send out a sneak peak beforehand, too! 


My editing style

All your finished photos will have been edited to meet my style in terms of colors, "filmic vibe" and most flattering tones. I do some very mild retouching, but I firmly believe in a natural photo. Wrinkles make your eyes shine, babies have some flaky skin, and no, your arm is not too fat. You are beautiful the way you are. 



If you or your babies get sick before the session please get in touch to re-schedule. I want you to have a great experience and no one is up for happy photos when they feel crappy. If I get sick, I'll have the curtesy to stay away from your healthy family as well. Let's share a good time together, not germs!



I love to travel. And I love to take photos. So naturally, I love to combine the two.

Depending on childcare I'm always willing to hop on a plane or a train for an interesting session. I keep travel fees reasonable, but I do ask that my travel expenses are covered. Let's figure it out together! 

Also, I do travel back to my native Germany once or twice a year and am available for bookings there quite regularly. Check here for all upcoming travel dates. All families that book me with a travel opportunity will receive a complimentary film. 



Just remember to focus on your loved ones. "We were together, I forgot the rest." - W. Whitman