Behind everything we do there is a "why". To me, it is all about "togetherness".






Simple, honest photographs, for appreciators of togetherness. 




Traveling the world. With the speed of a snail.  


Now, that I have arrived in my thirties I know this to be true: Life is about being with people that expand us. People, that anchor and affirm us, that give us courage and consolation. 

Life is not about having. It is about being. Being with the ones we love.

I'm not sure when I fully grasped that. Maybe, when my father grew his wings a few years ago, although I wasn't ready to let him fly away. Maybe, a little while into my marriage, when a deep sense of love, respect and friendship took hold of me. Maybe, when I moved across an ocean and realized no matter how high the waves between us, my friends are there for me. Maybe, when my children came earth side, bringing with them an amount of love that still overwhelms me everyday and makes my heart burst.  

Now,  I find the biggest joys when I share a coffee with my man on a Sunday morning, when I shower my daughter with kisses, when I see my son smiling up at me after his nap, or when I get to indulge in a good conversation with a friend. Life is good, with like-minded souls around, that support me and lift me up. 

That togetherness; the intimacy, warmth and cosiness of being together with the ones you hold dear is all that really matters. It is my why. It is the reason I pick up my camera. To hold these moments, forever. 


I like to keep my work simple and honest. To me, a photograph is honest when it makes you "feel", rather than (just) "see". An honest photograph can be full of live, at the expense of some sharpness. It can show a frown or even tears, or not any faces at all, and still convey the sweetness of a moment. In an honest photograph it is rare that everyone is smiling at the camera at the same time, because you are too busy being in the moment together - and that's exactly how I want it to be. 

You could be standing in front of the highest trees, the widest oceans, or just be sitting on your sofa - the love you share is what will always be in the foreground of my work. My photography, doesn't rely on backdrops, studio lights, or cheesy props. I use natural light and the cosiness of your home, or the beauty of a place that means something to you. 

I love to focus on the simple things. Hands touching, tiny feet, warm embraces, laughter - anything that shows the warmth and intimacy you share. And play, lots of play. 

Family photography is something I deeply value. The two most precious photos I have up on my own wall is one that shows my father holding me when I was a child, and then one of my father holding my daughter, a few months before he passed. These two moments frozen in time are so valuable to me. It is love, kept. 


I grew up in a small town in Bavaria, the southern part of Germany. 

In my mid-twenties I followed my heart and married this kind hearted guy from California. It was then that I gave up a career in business (which never quite fulfilled my soul) in pursuit of a more creative path. I invested in a camera, a certification and a business license and went for it.

Since then we have been living a traveling life, moving where his job sends us. From Germany, to Seattle, back to Germany, to Texas and countless countries traveled in between.

Our life has been forever changed and immeasurably enriched by the welcoming of our daughter Smilla Margarete and our son Winter Johann. 

Together we try to travel the world, all the while creating a "home" for ourselves. We try to embrace the simple things and are passionate about making small changes towards a more ethical lifestyle. 

A simpler, slower, kinder life.