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Hej, I’m Eva and I think “about me” pages are really hard to write. Let me try to find

I am immeasurably grateful for my daughter Smilla and my son Winter. Together with my husband Truman we are figuring out the importance of family, home and togetherness. I’m a photographer, that has always put the emotional value of an image above technical perfection. My writing is



Tread gently on mother earth.

Travel the world and meet it with openness and curiosity.

Be in nature. Wind in your hair. Feet in the soil.

Challenge long held beliefs and explore alternate ways of being.

Be mindful. Arrive in the present moment.

Appreciate the fullness of life.

Practice gratitude, everyday.

Live simply and do simple things with care.

Seek community. Togetherness is everything.

Grow roots.

Raise them kind.

Wholeheartedly believe that you can change the world.